This Midwest couple is taking TikTok by storm for good reason.

They are sharing their love with the world, but thankfully, they call Grand Rapids home.

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Who Are Blair and Steven?

Courtesy of Blair & Steven
Courtesy of Blair & Steven

As their Instagram bio says, Blair and Steven are just two Midwest kids in love, who just happen to have 1.1 million followers on TikTok.

I just happen to be one of the 1.1 million people watching their relationship flourish.

Blair and Steven are comedy gold, but besides that, they use their platform to spread love and positivity.

The couple became famous after sharing their viral video showing how they show love to each other: Aggressive Affection.

What Is Aggressive Affection?

Now before you run to make a hate comment, Aggressive Affection is not what you may think.

In the world of Blair and Steven, Aggressive Affection is simply a way to share how you feel about someone in a funny way.

Sometimes, it is a weird situation to give and receive a compliment from someone.

The duo decided that they wanted to use a funny way to help break the ice for getting and receiving compliments.

It is genius!

Sixth Love Language Card Game

Courtesy of Blair & Steven
Courtesy of Blair & Steven

It is the new game you can play with your lover, family, friends, and a COMPLETE STRANGER!

"The Sixth Love Language is a Game of Aggressive Affection that brings the love to the party in the most fun, hilarious way! In each round, players compete to make one another react by shouting, whispering, and creatively giving one another compliments... aggressively!"

For all Grand Rapids residents, you can grab your own Sixth Love Language Card Game at the following locations:

However, you can also order online right now at the official website - The Sixth Love Language

As of publication, they have already sold 1,000 games!

Plenty of people also want to show affection aggressively, including me!

If you want to hear how Blair and Steven met, how they created their social media empire, and the creation of the Sixth Love Language Card Game, check out the exclusive interview below.

Full Radio Interview

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