This is too awesome.

A viral video of the Belle Isle Giant Slide in Detroit was recently named 'Clip of the Year 2022' on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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As you will see in the video below, there was some stiff and hilarious competition for the coveted title. However, people bouncing up and down on a giant slide is indeed tough to beat.


The slide opened for the season earlier this year in August. The same day it opened it was shut down after videos of riders went viral. The slide was bouncing people all over at a high rate of speed. I am sure it was painful for the riders, but the viral video were funny AF.

The videos were so funny in fact, that one made its way on to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Fast forward to December of 2022 and the video has been named 'Clip of the Year' on the popular late night show.

Since the giant slide could not be there to accept the award from Jimmy Kimmel, Detroit rapper Gmac Cash accepted it and performed his song about the Belle Isle Giant Slide called 'Giant Slide'.

Start the video below at roughly the 7:28 mark to see all of the clips up for the Jimmy Kimmel 'Clip of the Year'. To just see the giant slide video, start at the 9:23 mark.

Congrats to the Belle Isle Giant Slide - what an honor this truly is.

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