Lansing is no stranger when it comes to lunch or dinner options.

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Whether you go with a locally owned joint, or you opt for a chain, the choices are practically endless. However, if you're out on your lunch break, you've only got so much time to get your lunch, eat it, and get back. And that's where a "fast-casual" eatery might come in the new one being built in Lansing.

Panda Express in Lansing

The Chinese fast-casual eatery, Panda Express, plans on opening a new location here in Lansing. This time, in the Eastwood Towne Center.

Currently, the greater Lansing area already had four other Panda Express locations,

  • West Lansing - 4433 W Saginaw Hwy
  • Okemos, inside the Meridian Mall - 1982 W Grand River Ave
  • East Lansing - 439 E Grand River Ave
  • On MSU's Campus - 427 N Shaw Ln

The new location in the Eastwood Towne Center would fit nicely in the middle of the current spread of locations. According to Fox 47 News, the plan is to build it "directly south of the Champps restaurant on Preyde Blvd."

The new location will have a dine-in option as well as a drive-thru. And as far as when we can expect it to be open, we don't have a specific date, just a general timeline.

Construction on Panda Express is set to begin in the spring or summer and should be complete by fall.

While getting another location to score Panda Express' popular orange chicken can't be a bad thing, I would think that Lansing would enjoy seeing some new businesses come to the area, particularly a Sonic or a Waffle House. Take a look through the gallery below to see what else Lansing residents would like to see come to town. And chime in with your own suggestions with the free station app.

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