Who makes the best fast food fries?

That was the question posed to more than two thousand Americans recently by Casino Reviews, and the results are sigh-worthy.

What Makes for a Good Fast Food French Fry?

Most Americans - including Michiganders - care less about how much our favorite fast food fries cost than we do the more important stuff like flavor and texture. While the vast majority of us prefer a crispy fry over a crunchy one, taste is truly what matters most.

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But the Casino Reviews survey revealed a lot of other things about our fast food french fry preferences as well.

What Do You Like to Dip Your Fries In?

I will submit to you that the best fries don't need a dipping sauce at all - they're perfect as they are. After all these years though, ketchup's still our top choice if fries need a little extra something - followed by ranch dressing, cheese sauce, honey mustard and barbecue sauce. Garlic parmesan is the right answer, but it's inexplicably at #6.

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How Much Would You Pay for Your Favorite Fast Food Fries?

Cost wasn't a big concern among respondents to this survey. Most of us are fine with $4, but say $5 is too much.

What Restaurant Has the Best Fast Food Fries?

It's like most of the people who responded to this survey just answered with the first fast food restaurant that came to mind: McDonald's.

Fair enough. McDonald's has been around longer than almost any other fast food restaurant, and it's certainly the one that's carved the hardest into our collective American conscience (and arteries).

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But "best fast food fries"?

This survey says McDonald's fries are the ones that Michigan loves most. I'd like to know which McDonald's the people who were surveyed are going to.

Don't get me wrong - when McDonald's fries are prepared just right and served hot, they're a force to be reckoned with. My problem with McDonald's fries is the unreliability. You never know what you're going to pull out of that paper bag. Are they going to be delicious? Or are they warmed over, overcooked, oversalted, etc. Other places don't seem to struggle as much with this.

What Other Fast Food Fries Do We Like?

Check out the eight restaurants that Americans like best when it comes to fast food fries. (KFC deserves an honorable mention.)

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