Lansing is about to get a brand new restaurant, and it's opening soon.

Restaurants Opening in Lansing

In September of 2022, after two years, the Buddy's Pizza on Lansing's west side announced that it would be shutting it's doors. It had only opened in June 2020.

Since the closure in September 2022, the building has sat empty. However, the new tenants are about to open up.

The Korean BBQ and hot pot restaurant KPOT is opening this May.

All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ is Coming to Lansing's West Side

There were rumblings in the Lansing Foodies Facebook Group in March 2023 of KPOT coming to Lansing. These rumblings were later confirmed when KPOT's website listed the location as "coming soon".

KPOT website used with permission
KPOT website used with permission

It seems that the Lansing Foodies Facebook Group has our back once again, because that's where we learned about the imminent opening.

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One Miss Carla dared to asked KPOT straight up the question that's been on all our minds, and they came with the answer.

KPOT via Facebook
KPOT via Facebook

Mark you calendar for May 8th, that's when KPOT is "looking to open".

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In the mean time, if you really need to get your Korean BBQ on, there are some other options in the greater Lansing area.

If you feel like making the drive, there are some other KPOT locations throughout Michigan. Check them out in Grand Rapids, Novi, or Sterling Heights.

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