Celebrity restaurants are all the craze! Downtown Nashville has a bar or a restaurant for just about ever country artist out there. But we're not talking Tennessee, we're talking Michigan.

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Did you know that Michigan has some celebrity restaurants?

Celebrity Restaurants in Michigan

Back in August 2023, it was announced that Big Chicken, a chicken fast-casual chain restaurant owned by Shaquille O'Neal, was planning on opening 20 locations throughout the state of Michigan. Be on the lookout for one coming to Lansing.

There's also Guy Fieri's Chicken Guy inside Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mount Pleasant.

Best-rated Celebrity Restaurants in America

However, there's another celebrity restaurant open in Detroit, and it just so happens to be one of the best-rated celebrity restaurant in the nation.

QRFY took a look at celebrity-owned or funded restaurants across the nation and compared Google Reviews to find out which restaurants were better. Out of all the celebrity restaurants, only 20 were ranked. And of that 20, only one Michigan restaurant made the list.

Michigan's Best-Rated Celebrity Restaurant

The best-rated celebrity restaurant is Eminem's restaurant, Mom's Spaghetti, in Detroit.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Out of the 20 restaurants that made the cut, Mom's Spaghetti came in at number 14. It also scored a 70.9% when it came to percent of excellent reviews overall.

Mom's Spaghetti serves up only a few menu items;

  • Spaghetti
  • Spaghetti with Balls
  • Spaghetti with Vegan Balls
  • S'Ghetti Sandwich

There's also pop and water.

If you're going to a show at The Fillmore in Detroit, Mom's Spaghetti is located right next door, so it could make for the perfect after concert snack.

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