Oh, no…another dumb list.
Yeah, that’s right.

Seems like no matter where I go: on vacation, down the street, to the store, for a walk, or even just out in the yard – I encounter something to complain about. Or, I encounter other people who start having  fits over something that seems so trivial to me. What are you s’posed to do? Just absorb the surroundings and figure “wow…now THERE’S someone who’s having a crappy day”.

Let’s face it…we put up with all sorts of things, people, news, quirks, other people’s problems, etc. etc…..the list is endless.

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How do we survive if all we do is complain about a handful of things every single day? Well, we do.
We bitch, moan, complain, curse, huff & puff every day about SOMEthing.
It’s in our blood.
It’s part of our lifestyle.
To help us survive we have to let off steam at a good number of things.
No matter how big, how small, how insignificant these things may be…there are still many of us who feel these are the straws that break the camel’s back.
We can’t help it.
It’s these little outlets - these bursts of frustration at the most minute things that help us cope with the even bigger problems that face us every…single…day.

So before anyone feels the need to complain or argue about this list, keep in mind, it's all in fun...and proves my point at the same time.

So with that said, here is a list of 25 things that most – not all - Michiganders have very little tolerance for:

25 Things Michiganders Have No Tolerance For

One last thing that bugs the heck outta me…and that’s when I overhear someone say “I hate this state! I’m moving to Texas (or Florida)”. So shut up already and go. Despite everything we complain about, I still feel we live in the greatest state in the union.

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