That's it, I am officially revoking my apology privileges, and will now stand by my original stance on anything I say, because a certain Michigan driver, who was caught driving on a suspended license, then cleared of his wrongdoing, is now on the hot seat again, and I just can't.

It turns out, Mr. Corey Harris, who went viral for his absurd court hearing recently, not only WAS suspended from driving in the state of Michigan, but the man never had a Michigan license IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

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This story keeps taking twists and turns every few days, so it's possible we'll hear even more news on Mr. Harris soon enough, but the moment, it seems we've been duped into apologizing to him for our quick judgement, regarding his viral court appearance.

The Original Story

For those unaware, Corey Harris, a Michigan resident, was on a video docket with a Washtenaw County Judge recently, for discussion about his suspended license. When Mr. Harris logged into the meeting, however, he was actively driving his car... a CLEAR violation if you have a suspended license.

Apologies to Mr. Harris

The reaction went viral, and we all had a good laugh, but THEN, we found out that Mr. Harris's situation wasn't as simple as that. He recently had his driving privileges in Michigan revoked for another incident in Saginaw several years before, but in 2022, another court hearing gave that right back to him.

Unfortunately for Mr. Harris, an organization called The Saginaw Friend of the Court, who handles transferring of paperwork and files for the court system in parts of Michigan, did NOT properly file the paperwork from 2022, and Mr. Harris was AGAIN found to be driving with a suspended license. So his most recent transgression was forgiven.

But wait... there's more!

He Lied To Us From The Start

It turns out, even though Mr. Harris's driving privileges had been reinstated in Michigan in 2022 - that part was correct - from the very beginning, Mr. Harris had NEVER had a Michigan License to begin with. In fact, according to Judge Cedric Simpson, who is also the judge from the viral video... Corey Harris has NEVER had a license in ANY state in this country.

Bro has NEVER been legally allowed to drive. And that suspension from before, was actually NOT for his license, but to be able to drive AT ALL in the state of Michigan.

"When they suspended his license in Saginaw, they don't suspend the license, they suspend the privilege to drive in this state (Michigan.)"

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury... we have been had. What started as a funny, stupid moment in court, turned heartfelt apology, ... is now, once again, a stupid moment in court history, and we now owe Judge Simpson an apology.

And to EVERYONE that was DEMANDING that we apologize to Mr. Harris for judging him so quickly... I'm gonna need all of YOU to apologize to US for Making us Mr. Harris.


It turns out, prior to his court hearing from last week, there was ALREADY a bench warrant out for his arrest from the county tied to yet ANOTHER charge of driving with a suspended license in Allen Park.

So let's recap: Corey Harris now has THREE infractions of driving with a suspended license, while never actually ever HAVING a license, AND, still had a bench warrant out for his arrest from 2015 in Allen Park... for driving with a suspended license.

Listen, Mr. Harris... the process to get a license at the Secretary of State in Michigan isn't exactly fun, but COME ONE!!!! Set aside one day... ONE DAY... to get your license, take your test, and get it done... or... well, at least do that when you get out of jail again for being a big ole' liar.

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