Target is a convenient one-stop shop in Michigan to pick up household and personal items and some locations also offer groceries. But a new rule on buying non-alcoholic beverages may make your checkout experience less convenient if you forget your ID because you'll need it to purchase non-alcoholic beverages.


Target Will Now Card You For Non-Alcoholic Drinks In Michigan

Target has made several changes recently at Michigan locations. A new checkout policy intended to streamline the self-checkout shopping experience, shoppers will now be limited to 10 items or fewer in the self-checkout. And now there is another checkout policy to be aware of when buying certain non-alcoholic beverages.

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According to Food and Wine, Target has recently announced it will begin to card customers who purchase nonalcoholic or zero-proof alcohol. This follows a recent announcement about the chain carrying the zero-proof alcohol brand Séchy. A Target spokesperson tells Food and Wine that because the flavor profiles are similar to alcoholic beverages they will have to see ID for purchase:

“Target faces the dilemma of distinguishing which of the nonalcoholic drinks on its shelves must be sold to 21+ and which can be sold to anyone. It's not an impossible problem, but there's a considerable degree of liability that follows even a single violation”


The packaging is often intentionally meant to resemble that of full-proof alcohol making the zero-proof products more difficult to distinguish. Target officials also say the safest move is to be over-inclusive and require ID for all ‘nonalcoholic’ beverages, even if that specific brand genuinely has no alcohol.

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