Yes, Michigan is in the path of the Solar Eclipse for 2024.  Find out exactly where, when, and for how long.

The last time Michigan experienced a solar eclipse was in August of 2017.  I will never forget how strange it was to watch daytime become nighttime during mid-afternoon, then get light again.  In 2024, Michigan will not get nearly the amount of solar eclipse coverage as it did back in 2017.  However, a small corner of Michigan will get a piece of the action.

Eclipse in Michigan
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The 2024 Solar Eclipse will be shading parts of North America in the early afternoon of Monday, April 8th, 2024.  If you are in the Michigan towns listed below, you will experience the totality of the eclipse for a very brief moment.

2024 Solar Eclipse Totality in Michigan

  • Luna Pier - Partial Phase begins at 1:57:11 PM and totality begins at 3:13:15 PM.  The totality will last 26.2 seconds.
  • Ottawa  - Partial Phase begins at 1:57:02 PM and totality begins at 3:13:04 PM.  The totality will last 31.4 seconds.
  • Vienna  - Partial Phase begins at 1:57:07 PM and totality begins at 3:13:08 PM.  The totality will last 32.5 seconds.

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Michiganders' best bet to see the totality would be to travel south.  Over half of Ohio and Indiana are in the path of this Solar Eclipse.  The Northern half of Ohio and the Southern half of Indiana will get dark on April 8th.  Get more info on this eclipse at by clicking here.

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2024 Total Solar Eclipse Info for Various Michigan Cities

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