Valentine's Day is right around the corner...and a young person's fancy turns to...
Marriage proposal?
(Oh, please - we know better than that.....)


So what if you're single? There's chocolate to keep you company. Chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate hearts, boxes and boxes of assorted chocolates, filled with vanilla cream, caramels, nougat, fudge, orange, raspberry, peanut butter, almonds, brazil nuts, raisins... chocolate this and chocolate that...chocolate everywhere and for everyone!

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Most of us in Michigan know about one of the all-time famous chocolate makers: Sanders, created in Detroit in 1875.....but what about that other chocolate & candy company.....Morley's?

The Morley Candy Company is based in Clinton Township, founded 1919 by Fred Sanders himself. Assorted baked goods, candies, chocolates with all kinds of centers, cream puffs, fudge toppings, and peanut butter blocks all made Morley's famous in the eastern part of the state.

When school kids come around bangin' on your door to sell you candy for a school fundraiser, more times than not the candy is made by Morley's.

In October 2006, President George W. Bush was in Michigan and paid a visit to the Morley main plant in Clinton Township, buying some hot fudge sauce and other goodies. Unfortunately, the Morley brand is hardly used anymore, but they still distribute Sanders chocolates.

Decades – even a couple of hundred years ago – shops and stores where a person could buy all types of candy, pop, ice cream, and chocolates were called confectioneries. They were plentiful and in just about every small town, village, and city. Michigan definitely had their fair share of these sweet shops. It was a kid's delight...and a treat for adults.

Take a look at a handful of old Michigan candy shops, confectioneries, and sweet shops from 1890 to 1964!

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