Life comes at you fast. One day you're in high school surrounded by friends on a daily basis and the next you're by yourself, surrounded only by co-workers for eight hours a day before you go home to an empty apartment.

I recently lived alone for about a year for the first time ever, and don't get me wrong, there are certainly advantages. But that lonely feeling does hit when you least expect it. Even the most introverted of us, me included, humans are social creatures and we need a healthy dose of human interaction.

But what makes a city lonely?

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Practically every city has something to do for single people, couples or families, so what could possibly constitute a lonely city?

24/7 Wall Street conducted its own study to find the loneliest cities across America, including the loneliest in each state. They did this by looking into the percentage of adults living alone and then took into consideration the financial status of the city's population.

After all, the inability to get out of the house as a single adult because of finances is a surefire way to experience the worst aspects of living alone.

The study concluded that Bay City is the loneliest city in all of Michigan with 34.4% of all households being one-person households. Roughly 18% of adults in Bay City live alone, which ranked 29th among the cities that were analyzed. A little less than half, 44.3%, of those one-person households are people 65 years old or older.

The median household income in Bay City is rather low at $55,134, which ranked 344th out of the 385 cities in the study. Still, rent is on the cheaper side at $829, which is one of the 50 cheapest averages in the study. So there is a bit of breathing room to get out of the house, but not much.

Tallied altogether, Bay City landed at No. 26 on the loneliest cities in America from 24/7 Wall Street.

Like most places, Bay City is a bit of a mixed bag. Located on the thumb at the coast of Saginaw Bay, those who love the water are sure to find something to enjoy in Bay City.

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