Growing up in Michigan it was a must to sit on the couch anytime Home Improvement came on. I loved watching Tim 'The Toolman" Taylor, Al Borland, Heidi, Wilson, and all of the other cast members because the show felt so relatable.

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The main character in Home Improvement was Tim Taylor played by Tim Allen.


Tim was constantly doing something that would go wrong.

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Al Borland played by Richard Karn was his TV sidekick who did his best to try and talk him out of doing those dumb things with no luck.


As someone who loved the show so much you can imagine how excited I was to see that Richard Karn made a suprise visit to a Michigan bar.

What Was 'Home Improvement' Star Richard Karn Doing At This Michigan Bar

Richard Karn walked into the doors of Churchill’s Food and Spirits looking for a good bourbon and something to eat while spending time in Michigan.

According to Mlive, he was in Michigan for a charity event that he was doing the next day in Frankenmuth.

Turns out he picked the right place because Churchill's is known for having a massive Bourbon selection with nearly 400 Burbon options.

“He’s a whiskey guy, so I was told, so he was in the right place, He was shocked by how many bottles we had behind the bar. John Saites, managing partner at Churchill’s"


While there for several hours Karn tried different bourbons, had a meal, and even hopped behind the bar to sling a few drinks.

I'm so happy that a celebrity like Karn is still a down-to-earth guy who hangs with his fans.

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