Happy World UFO Day.

Today marks the 73rd anniversary of the day some think an alien spacecraft crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. World UFO Day is also celebrated on June 24th - the day in 1947 (interestingly a week before the Roswell "incident") that private pilot and businessman Kenneth Arnold is credited with the making the first modern day UFO sighting. Michigan is no stranger to the UFO. In fact, this year alone we've had over a hundred reported sightings to the National UFO Reporting Center.

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If you are interested in the Roswell crash, I recommend "Crash at Corona", a book by Stanton T. Friedman and Don Berliner. The title refers to Corona, New Mexico, which is actually the closest town to the "Roswell crash" and one of two separate crash sites in that area. The other site, 100 miles to the west, might be even more interesting. The book was published in 1992, so it's a little dated, but it's a great place to start.

If you are interested in UFOs in Michigan, go to the National UFO Reporting Center website. They have a page dedicated to the latest Michigan sightings. If you go to that page you'll see that many of the reports are probably explained by sightings of the SpaceX Starlink satellites. If you'd like to track the Starlink satellites, go to FindStarLink.com, which has a page showing the next opportunities for seeing the Starlink satellites, which usually appear as a string of fast moving lights.

However, there have been some interesting sightings in Michigan recently. One that I'd like to know more about was the sighting, on March 15th, of a "massive triangular shaped craft" in the Chesaning area. The person filing the report seems very credible.

Was it you?

Keep an eye out this weekend.

For more on the most famous case of UFOs in Michigan - see below:

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