Maybe it seems insignificant to some, but whenever I headed north on 127, I always tried to catch a glimpse of this old deserted house. It was next to the highway nine miles north of Uncle John's Cider Mill and was there for years.

I first wrote about this curious little place back in 2019. And not long afterward, the house was demolished. Torn down. Bulldozed.

The house had been there since the 1800s...but as soon as I wrote about it, some enterprising person or persons decided to annihilate it. Now all that's there is a clump of trees, guarding not the house anymore, but the secrets behind it.

Questions & curiosity arise:
What made the owner move out in the first place? Was it the highway traffic?
It sat south of Ithaca in North Star Township, Gratiot County.

Not sure how old this house was, but according to an atlas from 1889, this house was owned by W.H. Heath. Any owners after that are unknown.

No big news or revelations here...just a little roadside curio that I always enjoyed seeing on my journeys north.

Now I can't anymore.


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