I'm sure during these trying times that a lot of people wonder if it's safe to eat takeout during the coronavirus outbreak?

My wife and I ordered takeout over the weekend from Texas Roadhouse in Lansing and we just wanted to make sure that it was safe to order food.

According to WILX, the risk of contracting COVID-19 through a hot or even a cold meal is extremely low.   People across the country and the globe are taking measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.

But is there a risk even if we have meals delivered or get takeout?

A food safety specialist at North Carolina State University says there's no evidence coronavirus is transmitted by food or food packaging even if it somehow makes its way into your meal.

The heat from cooking is more likely to kill off the coronavirus, said Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University. She says there has not been evidence to show the virus is transmitted by eating food.

Coronaviruses in general are not stable at high temperatures, so it is highly likely that cooking food will inactivate the virus.

Cold foods we don't know how long the virus remains infectious on cold foods. For things like produce that you would hopefully wash prior to eating that should rinse off any virus.

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