Talk about a loaded question.  Is bowling considered a sport or just recreational fun?  This is one of those questions that is based on matter of opinion, right?  Well not necessarily!

In my own personal opinion, if you're on a bowling team and you bowl against other teams to score points, then I say yes, bowling is a sport.

According to, while it is clear bowling is a sport at the Professional Bowlers Association, many league bowlers consider themselves to be recreational as often as competitive.

One person said I agree that on a recreational level, bowling is simply a fun activity meant to be enjoyed with friends, along with a beer or two.

Here's another thought about bowling being a sport:

Is golf a sport?  If yes, bowling is a sport as well.  You decide how you play it.  You either play it like a hobby, or you play it like a sport.

On the competitive levels, which include the action seen in collegiate bowling events, local amateur tournaments and every Sunday morning from October through March on ESPN during the Professional Bowlers Association live telecasts.  Then I would have to agree that bowling is a sport in every sense of the definition. (

It seems that a lot of people look at bowling as recreational fun.  If you go out with friends to your local bowling alley, you're going with the intention of having a few beers, laughing, and throwing the bowling ball in the gutter a few times.

On the other hand, here's some good news for competitive bowlers:

The organizers of the summer Olympic Games in Tokyo are considering eight proposals for new athletic events, and bowling is one of them.

Again, is Bowling a Sport or Not?

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