It is one of those shows you can find on tv just about anytime of day or any country.  Yes, the world Loves Lucy..

When I Love Lucy premiered on October 15th in 1951 know one could have known how huge the show would become.  Here are some interesting stories about the show.

CBS didn't think Americans would buy that Lucy was married to a foreign man.  When she was approached to take her popular radio show My Favorite Husband to TV, she said only if she could use her real life husband on the show.

The show broke ground in several areas, one was the fact was that Lucy and Desi  wanted to do the show in LA, and not move to New York where , at that time all shows were done.

Desi Arnaz  suggest using 3 cameras to film the show....something that had never been done before.  Multi camera's had never been used on a situation comedy until there.

Desilu Productions, owned by Lucy and Dezi exclusively, became the first TV millionaires , thanks to re runs of the show and their 100% ownership of the show.

Only Lucy was able to make fun of Desi's accent.

Phillip Morris , the tobacco giant sponsored the show, so smoking on camera was required.

Desi had a photographic memory which made learning his lines very easy for him.  Not so much for actor William Frawley who played Fred Mertz.   He struggled with scripts and his lines.   Also, in rea; life William and Vivian Vance, who played Ethal hated each other.

Desi wore lifts in his shoes to make him 5'11, when he was really 5'9.

I Love Lucy was always filmed before a live audience.  Desi said that Lucy was at her best in front of an audience.

Lucy was also a trail blazer in  another way, she was the first pregnant star on TV.  Apparently the folks at CBS found the word 'pregnant', so they had to say she was expecting.

I love Lucy, is still funny and fun to watch, even today.

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