We all know that coronavirus numbers having been going up in Michigan for the past several weeks and Ingham County is making a recommendation.

According to WILX,

Many students in Ingham County Schools are expected to be traveling this week during spring break.

In response, WILX tells us that the county health department is recommending that schools go virtual next week to prevent COVID-19 spikes from kids coming back to school.

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I think this is a smart idea. My daughter is on spring break this week and she is spending time relaxing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I know a lot of families who are doing the same thing before school starts back up next week.

Ingham County Health Department is recommending schools go back to remote learning the week of April 12.  WILX explains,

That's not only because of the expected spring break spike, but because COVID-19 case numbers and school outbreaks are both up in Michigan.

According to WILX, the state saw 70 new outbreaks last week. Ingham County Health Officer talked to WILX about this issue.

“The ways that it looks different is we do have more young people who are hospitalized,” Vail said. “However, what I’m hearing from the hospitals is they’re not in the hospital for as long. We did however just get reported five new deaths this weekend when we were having one or two a week because some people have chosen not to be vaccinated.”


With so many people on spring break this week and Michigan COVID-19 numbers going up, in-person learning for the week of April 12 is the right thing to do. Maybe even the week of April 19. Stay safe!

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