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The fifth Indiana Jones film has been looming in the undefined future for a while now. We knew Harrison Ford would return for the film as everyone’s favorite fedora-wearing archaeologist and we knew that Steven Spielberg would once again direct the film. But in a new interview with CBS, Harrison Ford says the film will be coming sooner rather than later.

You can watch his full comment below, but in short Ford says he’s “going to start doing Indiana Jones in about two months,” and adds that he’s “always delighted to come back to these characters.”

“If we have the opportunity to make another,” Ford adds. “it’s because people have enjoyed them. I feel obliged to make sure that our efforts are as ambitious as they were when we started. You have a sense of responsibility to your customers … the fact that these people support my business, and I’m responsible to them for the quality of the service that I offer.”

This will be Ford’s first Indiana Jones movie in over a decade; Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opened in theaters in the summer of 2008. (Hey speaking of “the quality of the service,” what happened there Harrison? What happened there?!?) The whole schtick at the time of Crystal Skull was about whether Ford was too old to still play the character. He pulled it off then — love it or hate it, the movie still made $786 million worldwide — but that was 12 years ago. Ford is now 77 years old. (He’ll be 78 in July!)

The fifth Indiana Jones film is currently scheduled to be released on July 9, 2021.

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