Before we start talking about six flavors of Faygo pop ice cream, let me take you back to the '70s for the world famous "Faygo Boat Song" TV commercial. Take a look below.

Did you enjoy watching and singing the "Faygo Boat Song" TV commercial? It was fun back then and it's still fun to sing after all these years.

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A local ice cream parlor in Northville, right here in Michigan, has introduced the public to six different delicious Faygo pop ice cream flavors.

This couldn't have come at a better time with summer officially beginning on Tuesday, June 21.

According to

Browndog Barlor and Restaurant, with locations in Downtown Northville and Downtown Farmington, has teamed with Detroit’s own, Faygo, for these one of a kind flavors you won’t find anywhere else in the world. They’re available beginning on Friday, June 17.

What's really cool is that Browndog Barlor and Restuarant are using several different Faygo flavors to actually make six flavor combinations that everyone will enjoy.

Years ago when I was a kid, I used to drink Faygo red pop all the time. Now it's time to mix other Faygo flavors together with different types of ice cream for a delicious treat for the whole family. tells us:

“What’s cool about these flavors is that we’re not trying to make them taste like Faygo pop, it’s actually Faygo pop in each creation. We’re always known for creating different flavor combinations, so we wanted to make the ice cream the actual Faygo flavor. Our collaborative spin comes with the cool, creative combination of ingredients to make it Browndog.”

This summer I'm heading straight to Northville, Michigan, so I can enjoy the new flavors of Faygo pop ice cream.

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