So, I asked people to fill in the blank for this question. "I own a ridiculous amount of" and I got some very interesting responses.

My Morning Show partner in crime, Danny, has a closet full of golf shirts, seriously he could be his own Pro Shop.  Danny is also a bowler and told me he has a few bowling balls.  Define a few I asked, 10 he has 10 different bowling balls.

My husband, News Anchor David Andrews, has one of the largest collections of crazy socks.  Yes, he wears a pair everyday. That crazy sock collections has spilled over into 2 dresser drawers full.  I could not even guess how many pairs he has, but it is a lot.

I have a lot of shoes, I guess that is not really a mind blowing statement, however I have a lot of black shoes.  My husband just can't get over the fact that I am still buying black shoes.  Let me explain, I need a pair of black heels in different styles to wear with dresses or dress pants, black sandals, flats, boots and ankle boots.  Most of my outfits all need a different style of shoe, this is a no brainer for me.

I also have a ridiculous amount  of Yankee Candles, I have an upstairs stash and a basement stash.  I love Yankee Candles, no big deal right?

Margo has a large collection of eye glasses, 20 pairs at least.  Deb has a growing collection of Breyer horses and also a lot of clothes.  My friend Tammy has way to many hats and Missy has an enviable collection of flavored Vodka.

I am not sure where you go from being 'a collection' to being a hoarder., just monitor your collecting.


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