Tornadoes have been tearing up portions of the United States this week, leaving death and devastation in their wake.

On Monday along, about 55 tornadoes touched down, and at least 27 tornadoes were reported Tuesday.  That made Tuesday the 12th consecutive day with at least eight reported tornadoes, beating the record set in 1980.

According to, the Washington Post reported Wednesday that 225 tornadoes have been confirmed since May 17.

Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and other states all saw massive twisters touch down over the past several days.

Several people were killed, dozens injured, and hundreds of homes were destroyed.  Walls of some buildings were ripped off.

Some of the most severe damage was reported near Dayton, Ohio on Monday, where repair crews had to use snowplows to clear debris.

A tornado is a rapidly rotating air column that reaches from clouds on down to the ground.  They're a common phenomenon in some parts of the United States, emerging from strong thunderstorms.

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