I've always wondered what it would be like to jump out of an airplane, wearing a parachute, and then pulling the rip cord at the right time and just float back to earth very peacefully.

I can just imagine how beautiful it would be sky diving at roughly 10,000 feet in the air, looking at all the surroundings below, and scared to death that the parachute wouldn't open!!!

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I know this sounds crazy but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to do this.  You always hear people say this is on my bucket list and I have to do this at least once.

But instead of jumping out of an airplane because you are scared half to death, why not jump into Michigan's first indoor skydiving complex.  And trust me on this, you don't have to jump out of an airplane.

According to mlive.com:

iFLY World Detroit will open on Saturday, July 24 at 26975 Adell Center Drive in Novi.  The indoor skydiving complex allows people ages 3 and up and those with disabilities to feel the power and thrill of flying.  This facility features technology not used anywhere else.

Okay, I think I could handle an indoor skydiving routine.  Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of people are afraid of heights.  And if you're one of those many people, then this might be the thing for you to try.

From what I hear, this place will hook you up with everything you need.  You will get all the right gear and you will have hands on instruction with a certified instructor.  Sounds good to me!

Mlive.com also tells us:

"This is the world's first generation 9 tunnel, and Detroit gets it."  Dakota Harroid with iFLY Detroit told MLIVE.  "We're talking about a very expensive vertical wind tunnel.  The designs have essentially changed over the years.  This is the most efficient, powerful, luxurious and the biggest in terms of floor space around the tunnel.  There's a lot of firsts.  It's also way more energy efficient."

I think I could handle this as long as I get everything I need for my indoor skydiving adventure.  I'll need goggles, a helmet, and a really cool skydiving outfit for pictures and videos.

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