Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is horrible.  Just look at the numbers everyday around Michigan, the spread and number of death's here is finally slowing down, and Governor Whitmer is now starting to open up more of our states businesses.

There still is no vaccine or reliable medical treatment for the coronavirus, that said one way to prevent getting the virus yourself is to stay away from large gatherings.  In fact you might want to go camping.

I LOVE camping, and I have been doing it my entire life.   Being out in the fresh air, you are less likely to come down with  COVID-19, as long as there is space between you and other campers.

An epidemiologist from Tulane University says the virus thrives and spread's where large groups of people are gathered indoors.  They say that the virus will continue to spread at indoor places like churches,parties, offices, and in restaurants and bars.  The coronavirus can and will spread from peoples mouths just by their talking.

Tired of quarantine in your home?  Camping with a small, close-knit group, like your family, will get you out in the fresh air and if you follow a few easy steps, you can have a lovely COVID-19 free vacation.

A few things to consider if you do want to go camping .....

1)  Camp close to home, that from the CDC.  They say traveling long distances to visit a park might contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

2)  Avoid crowds.  If you have a favorite campground you like to use, but it is a busy one, then don't go there.  Avoid Crowds!

3)  Always be ready to mask up.  If you are in an area where social distancing is not possible, wear your mask.  That small step will reduce the spread of the virus.

4)  Bathrooms.  Public restroom door handles are the worst!  Those surfaces will be your biggest risk or getting or spreading the disease.  Use a sheet of paper towel or a wipe to open the door handles, and then wash, wash, wash your hands.

For so many of us, camping is a way of life in the summer months, so get outdoors, go camping, just do it responsibly.    This is a historic pandemic, life has changed and we need to make necessary changes in how we live our lives to keep ourselves and our famlies safe.

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