Winter Swimmers Take A Dip On New Year's Day
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Michigan has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  Beautiful blue water, sandy bottoms, truly a water lovers paradise, except for that darned swimmers itch.

Two of our states most beautiful lakes, Torch and Higgins lake have struggled with the problem of swimmers itch.  Some people have gotten it so bad that it cam ruin a vacation.    The itching can drive you crazy. One of my daughters and my husband seem to be very susceptible to the problem.

So what causes swimmers itch?  In its simplest terms, swimmers itch is a reaction caused by a parasite entering a swimmers body. Just as our bodies react to mosquito bites by inflaming surrounding tissue, our bodies also react to this parasite by rushing resources to the site of entry, leaving itchy, red inflammation.  Swimmers itch is an uncomfortable by-product of the human immune system.

To keep swimmers itch away, TOWEL OFF after swimming.   This really does help.  Try creating a waterproof barrier.  Those nasty parasites are suspended in water so if swimmers can coat themselves in a waterproof barrier, its less likely that the parasite will be able to access the skin.  One simple way is to coat the skin with baby oil, or use a product called 'Swimmers Itch Guard'.  That is the product I use and it works for me.

Enjoy your time in Michigans lakes, just make sure you are prepared so that you can enjoy your vacation, itch free.

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