Suffice it to say Mr. Halftime at the Superbowl (The Weeknd) is pretty upset at the folks over at the Grammys.

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While deciding between doing the halftime gig or performing at the Grammys, the folks over at the awards show got tired of negotiations and said nevermind.

“There was an ultimatum given resulting in a struggle over him also playing the Super Bowl that went on for some time and was eventually agreed upon that he would perform at both events… [The Recording Academy] had all these convos with the Weeknd team in the past month, and today on November 24th, the Weeknd had not one nomination and is now completely ignored by the Grammys.” (Rolling Stone)

In lieu of the snub The Weeknd went on to perform at halftime, will probably not be at or perform at the Grammys, and subsequently called them corrupt.

"Look, I personally don’t care anymore. I have three GRAMMYs, which mean nothing to me now, obviously," he told the outlet.

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I was wondering if he really meant it? You show up at his house and out of the blue you're like, "Are those your Grammys?" and he's like, "Yeah, you want em?".

I got curious and wanted to find out, how much is a Grammy really worth?

Cost per award: $15, plus additional manufacturing costs

And believe it or not, once it's awarded the price goes down. (Yahoo)

So The Weekend is kinda right about them being worthless (on several fronts).

Oscars Academy Awards
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Well what about an Oscar? I thought I read a few years back they were made of solid gold.


Cost per award: $400

Oscar statuettes cost $400 to produce, reports CBS News, and they’re made of solid bronze and plated in 24-karat gold. (Yahoo)

And if you try to resell an Oscar...let's start the bidding at $1.

The official regulations state that winners cannot sell their Oscar without first offering to sell it back to the Academy for $1, which makes each one worth a mere $1. This also applies to family members who inherit Oscars from relatives who have died. (CNBC)

Turns out the Oscar goodie basket you get would be worth way more than the stature you could pick up. Oh but the recognition for you and your talents and the notoriety for being an Academy Award winner is priceless.

That's what really matters right?

An Emmy checks in at $400 bucks as well.

The statue that costs the most to make (and you can sell it) just happens to be the Golden Globe award clocking in at $800.

When it gets down to it, it's the recognition that counts. The money you could make comes from winning these prestigious awards.

Find out more about what these awards are worth and how some of them are made HERE.

Also the Grammys which The Weeknd will not be attending happen March 14th at 9 pm on CBS.

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