The town of Honor in Benzie County has never had the “honor” of having a population of 1,000 or more.

Honor was formed on the Platte River in Homestead Township in 1896, after J.A. Gifford built the Guelph Patent Cask Company. But why the name 'Honor'? It was named after Gifford's baby daughter.

Honor was a lumber town, postal stop, and station along the three-way junction of the Empire & Southeastern RR,, the Manistee & Northeastern RR, and a branch of the Chicago & Western Michigan (later Pere Marquette) line.

At Honor's peak in 1905, it had a population of 550. Along with the post office and depot, Honor had three hotels: the Brundage House, Hotel Chessir, and The Robinson. Being a lumber town, there were numerous saloons and boarding houses along with a livery stable, a few mills, general stores, and other places of business.

When the lumber trade fizzled, the town got into the fish hatchery business. Today, Honor has the largest fish hatchery east of the Mississippi, specializing in CoHo salmon.

Great little town to add to your next Michigan roadtrip...take a look at some photos below!



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