This is the weekend that those of us who live in Holt, get to show off our community.


The annual Holt Hometown festival kicks off Saturday morning at 11am with a parade, when that is over you may be hungry so you should try the food court, also behind the Jr.High is where you can find the vendors/Exhibitors, they will be there from noon until 6pm.

The Entertainment tent opens at noon with a wide variety of acts, even a Kiss Tribute Band.  The entertainment tent stays open until the fireworks begin.,    (The Hometown fireworks are amazing......a must see!)

Another fun event at the Holt Hometown Festival is Bingo from noon until 4pm.  My husband David Andrews and I will be calling bingo (again) at 1pm.  It is fun to play and watch, especially when the 'older crowd' who play bingo A LOT, start yelling at David and I because sometimes (according to them) we are doing it wrong.  (kind of kidding)

The entire day is filled with fun, food and friends.  Don't forget the fireworks, they are amazing.

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