I went to Horrocks this past weekend. I saw some things. I took photos. I would like to discuss.

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This isn't what you think it is.

Trust me.

I saw some things at one of Lansing's favorite markets and I just wanted to get some stuff off my chest.

First off, I love Horrocks. I went there Saturday and then the next day. Partly to take some pictures but also because I needed some more things for dinner. Sunday, I made the mistake of going again WHILE I WAS HUNGRY. This is a lesson that I am doomed to repeat.

Horrocks is dangerous for all the right reasons. The variety. The freshness. The locally made, grown, and sold products. The Tavern INSIDE the store. The fact you can buy a beer and drink it while you continue shopping for freshly ground breakfast sausage, duck eggs, pickled WHATEVER, and peruse a produce section that could make your head explode. If you're into that sort of thing.

But I wanted to take a moment to talk to some folks that almost ruined my Horrocks shopping experience.

Folks that forgot that we got about a foot of snow dumped on us earlier this week. And that maybe they might want to stay home and steer clear of Horrocks if they can't conduct themselves in a parking lot like they are not the only ones there.

Folks that seem to forget everyone is suffering a work shortage so there aren't as many cashiers. And losing your patience with the ones that did decide to show up is not cool.

So enjoy my little tongue-in-cheek rant (that's very much PRO Horrocks) about how certain people might WANT TO STEER CLEAR of Horrocks (mostly if they can't handle how awesome it is).

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