I know what you're probably thinking, is this some kind of Halloween prank or joke? We can honestly tell you no, it's not!

I've never heard of a missing headstone for almost 150 years which makes this story all that much more interesting to read.

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According to mlive.com:

The over 5-foot-tall, white granite monument belongs to the grave of Peter J. Weller. Weller settled in the Lansing area in 1845 and opened a combo restaurant-grocery store, Stanaway said. He died in 1849 and was buried in the city's Oak Park Cemetery. In 1875, his grave was moved to Mt. Hope Cemetery. It is assumed that his headstone was lost in the transition, she said.

So let's get to the bottom of this, how did this headstone end up missing for close to 150 years?

We know this sounds crazy, but this lost headstone was actually found in a home in Okemos, and to top it all off, it was being used to make fudge. (It doesn't get any better than this)

Mlive.com also adds:

"No one in family knew how or when they came to be in possession of it," she said. "The homeowners just said, 'We used the backside of it to make fudge.' We had no way to find out whether the family knew it was a legitimate monument or if they thought it was just a throwaway or something."

Let's just say this missing headstone somehow made the rounds to different locations for around 150 years, and then miraculously was found through extreme measures and will now be placed at the proper burial site.

According to mlive.com:

A dedication ceremony, including information about Weller's life and his descendants, is planned for 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 26, at the cemetery, 1800 E. Mt. Hope Ave. in Lansing.

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