My daughter told me about this show on HBO that I "had" to watch, glad I did because it was amazing.

Chernobyl, is about the Nuclear accident that happened back in the late 1980's in Ukraine Soviet Union.

HBO does such an amazing job on telling the story

, before, during and after the nuclear meltdown.   It is a history lesson, and is horrifying in spots to watch, but it is one you can't stop watching.

To this day the 'official death count, according to the Russia, is 36, but the real count is anywhere from 4 thousand to over 30 thousand.  Most of those deaths were not right away, but took years and cancer then killed them.

It is an awesome history lesson, for those who don't remember Chernobyl and the events that happened in the late 1980's.  One interesting part, is that you can now go into the area, a local tour company does that and even Western operators offer day trips there for about $100 dollars.

Not sure I would go on the tour, but I do recommend the HBO s documentary.

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