The railroad that used to run through Rockford has been torn up…it is now known as the White Pine Trail. It may be a pleasant, scenic, calm place to walk during a bright sunny day, but if you are brave enough to venture down this trail at night, be alert, for there are hauntings afoot.

The story says that two girls were sitting on the tracks, when a train bore down on them. Why the girls didn’t hear the train is unknown, but they were instantly killed. Now the trail – especially the area where the girls sat – is haunted by their spirits.

People walking the trail at night have heard faint giggling coming from the shadows, labored breathing, and voices. The shadows of the two girls have been spotted along the tracks, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting. If they are standing, they are usually walking up and down the former tracks; if they are sitting, it will be in the exact area where they died.

The legend says, if you’re walking the trail and see them sitting, stop walking. The two apparitions will stand and begin walking toward you. Don’t bother to run, for they will follow you.

Walk the trail late some night and find out for yourself.

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