The old Morris Chapel is on the corner of Pucker St. and Chapel Rd. The Methodist Episcopal Society, founded in 1840, built this countryside chapel in 1867 and named it after the head of the church, Bishop Thomas A. Morris.

Still located in a country setting six miles north of Niles, the chapel has a good old fashioned churchyard (graveyard) in the back, just like the one you see in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

Now for the haunting.

Many years ago, there was a young woman by the name of Kathryn who was all set to get married at the chapel...but when her wedding day came, the groom-to-be backed out, jilted her, and split. Despondent and heart-broken, Kathryn later went back to the chapel, crept inside, and hung herself in the spot where the ceremony was to take place.

To this day, bizarre things have been said to night, the sounds of a woman screaming are heard. Chapel lights come on when no one is inside. There are ghostly visions of a man and a woman hanging from a graveyard tree by their necks, emitting unearthly groans and sounds of agony. Moans are heard inside the chapel as well.

According to, someone related this experience: “I was driving up to the chapel, and on the left side of the road along the really long fence, there was a REALLY old man walking a little white dog. I got freaked out, and drove off really fast. I turned around.....and headed back to leave. I was with six or seven people and we all kept looking for the man again, but no one saw him. As soon as I passed the chapel, he was standing RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.....he wasn't there when I drove past”.

So there ya go. It's actually a pretty cool little church and is a good visit for history buffs.

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