How would you like to meet the one and only actor who plays Michael Myers in several of the Halloween movies? Wait a minute, you mean the man who slashes and stabs innocent people on the big screen?

Yes, that's the guy were talking about, but rest assured, he's actually a nice guy taking some time to meet some of his biggest fans at an actual haunted Michigan theater.

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I wrote an article not too long ago about this haunted Michigan theater, which is being transformed into a Halloween attraction.

So where can we meet actor James Jude Courtney, the man behind the evil Michael Myers mask? Courtesy of

Actor James Jude Courtney will be at the Birmingham 8 theatre on Thursday, September 29 at 6:00 p.m. for a media and invite only grand opening ribbon slashing, err, cutting event for Emagine’s opening of its new haunted theatre attraction, "Ghosts on the Balcony."

If you remember reading my article about "Ghosts on the Balcony," then you should remember that this Michigan theater was built back in 1927 as a playhouse.

Based on hear say, some people have claimed that this old Michigan theater is actually haunted. People have heard very strange noises, voices, footsteps, and other creepy paranormal activity from inside this old theater.

If you're brave enough to walk through this so called haunted Michigan theater, it shouldn't take more than one hour. If will officially open beginning October 1st at 211 South Old Woodward Avenue in Birmingham in Metro Detroit

According to

After the ribbon cutting event, Jude Courtney will host a Q & A screening of “Halloween KIlls” at the Emagine Palladium at 209 Hamilton Row in Birmingham at 7:00 p.m. This movie screening is open to the public.

I just hope Jude Courtney doesn't show up at the haunted Michigan theater dressed as Michael Myers. That would totally creep me out1

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