The Franklin Church was constructed in 1855 and it still stands to this day.

The church and its accompanying cemetery can be found at the junction of Franklin/Brush Lake Road and Frost Road, out in the countryside, just east of Booth Lake and Curtis Lake. It's north of Niles and east of Eau Claire in Berrien County. People who have gone there tell others not to go alone, as cell phones have a habit of not working in that area.

The graveyard has been called Frost Cemetery, Franklin Church Cemetery, and Munchkin Land. The nickname “Munchkin Land” is probably the most curious name this place has.

Why is it called “Munchkin Land”? Because of the many children's spirits that have been seen among the tombstones.

The legend that began in the late 1800s says the church's pastor murdered two small girls and buried them in the woods behind the church. Time went by and the crime went unsolved...until, little by little, members of the congregation started putting 2 and 2 together and figured out the truth.

Realizing his crime had been discovered, the pastor went up to the church bell tower and hung himself. After a search that lasted a few days, his body was finally discovered. There had been other child murders in the area, and the townspeople assumed they were also committed by the pastor.

Since then, there have been numerous sightings of child-like ghosts through the woods and hiding around the old gravestones. The eerie sounds of children giggling and little girls whispering have been heard coming from inside the cemetery grounds.

There is also a tombstone that glows a faint green color at night.

If you visit Munchkin Land, be respectful, don't vandalize, litter, or be noisy & obnoxious. Obey any 'no trespassing' signs that may be posted.

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