About a dozen miles south of Kalamazoo is the Harrison Cemetery.

Are there ghosts? Maybe not. But there is definitely somethin' weird happening there.....an odd tombstone.

It's another 'glowing tombstone', as other cemeteries have reported. People, passersby and curiosity seekers have seen this grave marker that glows, but only from outside the grounds.

The only time to witness this is at night, but therein lies a problem. Whenever someone steps inside the graveyard, the glow disappears. Once it's gone, the cemetery is completely dark - so much so, that no one has been able to pinpoint just which gravestone it is that glows. There are no street lights or other illumination that shines light near this graveyard, so the mystery remains.

People have come up with their own explanations for the glow, like phosphorous, some gaseous vapor, headlights, etc. but all have been disproven. The glow just plain instantly disappears if a visitor gets too close.

On a separate note, if you visit this cemetery in the daytime, you may be able to locate the resting places of Bazel & Martha Harrison. The graveyard was named after Bazel, who brought the first 21 settlers to the Schoolcraft area. Out of only 650 cemetery interments, they might not be too hard to find.

Drive by some dark night and find out if you can see this 'glowing tombstone' for yourself. Harrison Cemetery is located just a few feet south of the S. 10th Street and WU Avenue crossroads. As always, be respectful when you visit this and any cemetery; don't vandalize, litter, or be obnoxious. Remember, YOU will be buried someday...


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