Whether you're looking to establish your own 30-acre kingdom in Harrisville, Michigan, or you want to open The Great Lakes State School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, you'll want to see this modern castle.

Calling a place like this home may seem out of reach, but for a 7,000-square-foot castle with a portico, this estate is priced to sell. Just imagine wandering the halls and hearing your footsteps echo in the entryway. Preparing a meal in a kitchen that would make Gorden Ramsey smirk, or binge-watching Yellowjackets while soaking in the huge tub.

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Of course, you're probably wondering how long it would take to clean a place this big. That's what most Michigan moms would say when passing a home like this, dads would more than likely say something like "That's a long walk to the road to take the garbage out" or "wouldn't want to shovel that driveway".

In addition to the majestic exterior, the interior features a grand staircase that is begging for an equally grand entrance. It's easy to picture yourself standing on the top step, looking down into a home filled with family, friends, enticing smells, and music. Imagine spending a holiday in front of these picture windows looking out onto your 30 acres.

Is This Harrisville, Michigan Castle Your Hogwarts?

You'll feel like royalty wandering the halls and grand rooms of this 7,000-square-foot modern castle in Harrisville, Michigan. Nestled on 30 acres, this 5 bedroom 5 bath features a staircase that was built for enchanting entrances.



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