Halle Berry has issued an apology on Twitter in response to the criticism she received over the weekend regarding a transgender acting role. Berry initially said she would consider playing the role of a transgender man in a film during a now-expired Instagram Live segment last Friday. Berry expressed her excitement at the possibility of playing the character, saying that she wanted to “experience that world.” This sparked anger amongst the transgender community, who called Berry out for trivializing the actual experiences of those who have transitioned from one gender to another.

Others expressed frustration at Berry’s use of pronouns when describing the character, alluding to the role using “she” and “her,” instead of “he” and "him.” Overall, the main point of grievance was that Berry, a cisgender woman, should not portray a trans character. Berry responded to this feedback, stating that she was “grateful for the guidance and critical conversation” that occurred in response to her video:

Two years ago, Scarlett Johansson received similar backlash when it was revealed she would play a transgender man in the Dante Gill biopic Rub & Tug. In July of 2018, Johansson stepped down from the role, respecting the wishes of those who found the casting choice deeply problematic.

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