Now here’s a place where you can combine history, nature, abandoned buildings, and something scary all in the same place.

The Louis M. Groen Nature Preserve can be found just off M-32 north of the small village of Johannesburg in Otsego County, thirteen miles east of Gaylord.

The preserve contains 800 acres that includes Johannesburg Lake, Kujawa Lake, the abandoned Echo Valley Resort Hotel, the remains of old lumber camp buildings, and plenty of hiking trails. The old lumber camp buildings are especially cool to see, as they are crumbling, left to deteriorate without renovation… least, not yet. So far, there are plans to restore the old sawmill.

There is hiking in summer, cross-country skiing in winter, historic sites, and plenty of wildlife are here…..something for everyone…even something a bit scary…

Scary and especially cool is the old Echo Valley Resort Hotel. It sits back in the woods, deserted, covered with moss, made of stone, and looks like it would make a good setting for a horror movie. It’s kinda creepy when you come across it in the woods…somewhat Blair-Witchy, maybe.

Take a ride over there, get out, and walk around for yourself. Now, take a look at some photos below!


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