The Green Comet is coming...

Sounds like another super-hero movie, but no – it's an actual green comet, and it hasn't passed this way in fifty thousand say the scientists.

This comet was just discovered  in March 2022 and they've already surmised the span of time it took for it to get back here for a visit. According to TheRealPax, the comet “has traveled billions of miles from its believed origins at the edge of our solar system and will be visible in just a few weeks during what will likely be its only recorded appearance.”

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NASA spokespeople continue by saying the comet comes from something called the 'Oort Cloud' our solar system's furthest region that's described as being "like a big, thick-walled bubble made of icy pieces of space debris" that is larger than a mountain.

The name they have given this comet is “C/2022 E3 (ZTF)” but thanks to its hue, we'll just call it the “Green Comet”. The green comes from cosmic dust, frozen gases, ice, and rocks...but mostly chemical compounds and molecules that glow green when hit by sunlight.

If it's not cloudy, Michigan and others in the northern hemisphere will be able to see it throughout January...but use binoculars or at telescope, It'll appear as a fuzzy green smudge in the sky, but it should be as easy to determine, just as Hale-Bopp was an easy sight to see back in 1997.

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