Here's something along the lines of a 'Mystery Hill'-type of thing...

Courtesy of Google Maps

This one is nicknamed "Gravity Road" or "Gravity Hill," at an intersection way out in the Michigan boonies, somewhat southwest of Traverse City....what it is, is a road that seemingly defies gravity. If you put your car in neutral, it will appear to begin rolling UP-hill instead of down.

Vehicles seem to roll uphill toward Blaine Christian Church, which has caused some locals to claim it's the church itself that is drawing motorists back...

Here's how to get there:
Head north on US 31 and turn left (west) on Joyfield Road (Highway 602), which is approximately 6 miles south of Benzonia. Follow it about three miles until you get to the intersection of Joyfield and Putney Road (Highway 685)...there, on the upper left corner is the Blaine Christian Church...the church that some say draws people's vehicles toward it. The gravity-defying hill is south of the church, so hang a left and you're there.
Courtesy of Google Maps

Then, drive about 100 feet until it seems you're at the bottom of the hill (you should still be able to see the stop sign in your rearview mirror); stop, put the car in neutral and let it happen...your car will slowly begin to roll uphill toward the church.

If you try this, don't be stupid about it...there could be other vehicles on the road so you may want to put your flashers on so nobody will collide with you.

Many people have experienced this Michigan oddity and got a kick out of it, but there are a few that were not that give it a shot and see if it works for you.

Courtesy of Google Maps