Back in February, I posted this on my Facebook.

I am learning about a ton of things I never expected. The latest is the Endeavor House Ministries that was nominated by Daron Knol MacKinder  who  said:

Michael Leeman Keenoy at Endeavor House Ministries. I'm a graduate of the program... Heroin addict living out of a backpack begging change a little over three years ago... Now I'm an LCC graduate that works at LCC part time.... The city rescue mission outreach part time... Going to get my bachelor's in the fall... Volunteer at my church and the endeavor house... Own place... Own car... License back.... I'm telling you man this program changed my life!

I never heard of them so I went to their Facebook page. 

Their mission: To minister to men and women who struggle with addiction and lead them to freedom through a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is how they describe themselves.

Endeavor House Ministries is a residential, Christ-centered, community based transitional housing program designed to help men and women find freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. Our intent is to equip the participants with the life skills and coping mechanisms necessary to ensure them a successful transition back into everyday society upon completion of the program. We provide a safe, structured learning environment in our one year program.

The residents participate in a rigorous daily schedule including Bible study, community service, household responsibilities and 12 step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, and Steps to Freedom.

They are located at: 3830 S Waverly Rd Lansing, Michigan

Call (517) 285-1270


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