The village of Good Hart, now basically regarded as a ghost town, was originally part of a Native American settlement called L'Arbre Croche (meaning 'Crooked Tree').

Joseph Black Hawk (“Chief Joe”) was one of the tribe chiefs whose brother was named 'Good Heart'. In 1874, a post office began, with operations taken over by Silas McNeil; Silas was the one who named the community, but he misspelled “heart” as “hart” and the mistake has been kept all these years.

The population in the 1870s was approximately 100, with 75% Native Americans.

Aside from the post office, Good Hart had blacksmith shops, Catholic Church, doctor, feed mill, a couple of general stores, meat & fish shop, sawmill, shoe shop, school, stagecoach stop, and tavern. Another postmaster, Lowell Lamkin, became a successful businessman, and the Lamkin Lodge bore his name.

These days, there are only a couple of old storefronts left. However, during the summer, they are revitalized and cater to tourists, with roadside goodies like homemade crepes and souvenirs.

It also happens to be the location of one of Michigan's most notorious cold case murders...unsolved since 1968.

Good Hart is located on Lake Michigan in Emmett County's Readmond Township. It's a very interesting little area to add to your roadtrip.



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