The Girls Scouts have teased us with a new flavor for 2021. 

In the never-ending battle of which Girl Scout cookie flavor is the best, a new contender has emerged in the lineup. The new cookie is french toast flavored and is called Toast-Yay, which is shaped like french toast and dipped in icing. Unfortunately for all of us that want to try it, we will have to wait for 2021 to get a taste.

The 2020 Girl Scout cookie season saw sales predominantly online with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we can't tell what the future holds, we can say that the 2021 cookie season begins in 119 days (as of August 19th, 2021.) I'm sure once the season starts, we will see many online options to buy and try out the new cookie.

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My daughter was a Girl Scout for several years, and the cookie season was always the best. Like many parents, I would always bring the order forms directly to work when they came out. I had a sales pitch of my own that seemed to work pretty well. The pitch was to simply walk into the offices of my co-workers and set the form on their desks. Upon doing that, I simply announced "it's cookie season" and would then stare at them until they bought a couple of boxes...100% success rate. We cleaned up. Thanks again to all my co-workers for supporting my kid!

I'm excited to try the new cookie, but I will say it is going to take a lot to take the title of "best" Girl Scout cookie. We all know that is the Samoa. Yep, I said it! Fight me!

Source: Girls Scouts


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