The little town of Juhl has all but vanished.

The first settlers in the area were Danish who came here in 1881 and the village was soon named after one of the settlers, Jens C. Juhl.

The town grew and became home to over one hundred Danish families; the town also had a church, general store/post office and school, with farming as the main occupation and source of income.

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The post office began operating in 1889; Niels Smith, a local storekeeper, became postmaster. When the post office shut down in 1906, the town began it's decline. No railroad came through to bring business or travelers, and nowadays all the businesses are gone.

Juhl can be found to this day in Elmer Township, Sanilac County at the corner of Juhl & Frenchline Roads. It's lonesome & desolate but it may bring some good photo ops for ya. Take a look at the photos below.




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