Even if you're ready for spring, your car probably isn't.  Winter takes a heavy toll on cars, often causing hidden damage that could be costly or dangerous.

Here are several must-do checks car experts recommend to drive safely into the season.

1.  Take your car for a tire check.  They're safe and reliable in most climates, but they aren't as flexible as traditional snow tires.  You can take your car to many national auto service retailers for a free tire inspection.

2.  Replace your wiper blades.  Even if your blades look okay, replace them if they start to leave streaks on your windshield.

3.  Request checks of other fluids.  Many people don't find out that fluids are low or dirty until they fail and their cars are damaged.  When your car is serviced, ask the technicians to check all fluids.

4.  Check your air conditioner.  Test your air conditioner by running it for about 15 minutes once a month, even in winter.  Your car technician can also check the system pressure readings and other elements.  Here's more from momseveryday.com.

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