I've always been a General Motors supporter and always will be. They always step up and invest money very wisely.

According to the Lansing State journal, General Motors said it will be investing $100 million into its Delta Township plant to produce the next generation of the GMC Acadia.

First of all, the GMC Acadia is an absolutely fabulous vehicle. It's a Crossover Utility Vehicle from GMC. The first generation GMC Acadia shared the GM Lambda platform with the Chevrolet Traverse, and Buick Enclave.

So this new investment is part of a $2 billion investment in GM plants across the country.

The Acadia was born in Delta Township in 2006, according to the manufacturing executive director at GM.

The executive director also said "we are excited to welcome the next generation of this amazing product. This is an exciting day for plants and for the state of Michigan." (LSJ)

I would really like to take a tour of the Delta Township plant when the time comes so that I can watch them build this beautiful vehicle they call the GMC Acadia.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said the return of the Acadia is a tremendous opportunity for the city and for the more than 4,500 employees who work at the Delta Township and Grand River plants.

Here's a fun fact:

Since 2009, GM has invested more than $600 million into Lansing Delta Township Assembly. It invested $36 million into the Delta Township plant in February 2019 for future crossover production. (LSJ)

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