Anytime General Motors comes out with something new and innovative, I can hardly contain myself when it comes to finding out what it is.

According to the Detroit Free Press, General Motors is introducing the new Jack knife alert and trailer length indicator technologies to light duty and heavy duty version of the 2021 GMC Sierra pickup.

And I thought having the rear view camera as a safety feature was a stellar idea, this just adds to the list of what new technology can do to enhance our lives when it comes to more incredible safety features.

Here's the really cool part:

"Jack knife alert will detect how close the trailer is to the rear of the pickup and alert you to a potential jack knife situation so you can take corrective action. This is the thing that gives pickup drivers the most anxiety." (Detroit Free Press)

Even with all this new technology, the Sierra pickups will come in new colors, have some enhancements to existing technology and the diesel engine Sierra comes down in price.

The 2021 Sierra pickups will also keep existing technology:

Rear trailer view. This is enhanced to include guidelines that assist when backing a trailer into place.

Rear side view enhancement. When driving forward in the current Sierra, a rear side view provides a split view of the left and right sides of the pickup and trailer.

Cargo bed view enhancement. New cargo bed zoom view and bed hitch guidance are available.

GMC developed the technologies because more than half of Sierra customers use their pickups to tow. (Detroit Free Press)

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