I probably shouldn't write this post because my gas tank is close to empty and usually when I say something about gas prices going down, they magically go up again before I can get to the gas station and fill my tank. But, here goes nothing...

If it seems like gas prices are continuing to drop in Michigan, that's because they are. According to AAA, gas prices in Michigan have dropped five cents a gallon during the last week. They say that drivers in Michigan are now paying an average price of $2.15 per gallon for regular unleaded. (I saw it for $1.87 in Lansing on my way in to work this morning.) AAA says that we're paying about 73 cents less per gallon of regular unleaded than this time last year.

AAA says the most expensive gas price averages are currently in Marquette, Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor. The least expensive gas price averages are in Traverse City, Benton Harbor and Saginaw. Click here to find out more.

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